Peak District Landscape Photography Tuition

I am provide one to one and small group photography workshops in the Peak District National Park. All workshops are friendly and informal and having up front discussion I can tailor the time completely around your wants, needs and level of skill. One of my workshops will around four hours which allows plenty of time to get to different locations, and to have quality tuition time. I will work with you on camera settings, getting exposures correct, composition and how to see potential shots, and the use of filters.

Peak District Photography Workshops are run for one to three people and pricing is set at £75 for one person, and £60 per additional person.
To extend the day by a further hour, editing mini-session can be added for £30 for one person and £15 each per additional person. Editing is performed on my laptop and covers my editing workflow, and the techniques I employ to achieve final images.

Call Phil on 07966 509726 to arrange a tuition day

Planning the Perfect Day in the Peak District

An insiders guide - how to have the perfect day in the Peak District Recently I was very honoured to have the great company of two fantastic photographers from Sweden; these friends of mine became inspired to visit the Peak District after looking at landscape photographs that I had taken. So, with very, very little [...]

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Peak District Landscape Photography Tuition – Depth of Field

The following is a visual guide to Depth of Field (DOF). A simple demonstration that shows the difference of shooting with a wide aperture and a closed down aperture. The following two shots were shot at f/1.4 and at f/16 respectively, this demonstrating shallow DOF to deep DOF. Shallow DOF is when the point of [...]

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