I am now into my third year of producing a Peak District Calendar which is extremely well received wherever it is placed. I have sold more each year and the 2016 Calendar sold 1000 via shops and online. I want to push harder this year and want to expand reach by moving into larger outlets and tourist attractions. The screenshot shows that my calendar is extremely well reviewed and by performing this search you will see that my Peak District Calendar is best seller compared to other offerings. Link to Amazon 

I have been approached by Calendar manufacturers to allow them to take me as a Peak District named photographer calendar, but I have declined. I want to push the quality I enjoy and have control over the images that are used within the calendar. Also, there is the benefit of associated products, greeting cards, postcards and fridge magnets that can use the same photographs to create complementary products that can be retailed in the same place.

All of my work carries barcodes, so ready for larger retail outlets. The photography is captured in the Peak District. The printing is carried out in Staffordshire and it is with intent that its whole creation is done within a tight radius of the location the calendars are sold.

Since there is an exchange of tourist traffic between the Peak District (usually holidaying here) and the tourist attractions of Alton Towers and Sea Life Centre, Manchester and Birmingham there is a good fit and a product that ties the National Park that is on the doorstep to the attraction.

VPDD_Member_logoI am an Official Photography Partner for the Tourist Board for the Peak District, known as Visit Peak District.

All of my work carries the ‘Inspired by the Peak District’ logo prominently which endorses the product officially.