Landscape photography prints

Phil Sproson Photography produces landscape photography prints and canvases of his beloved Peak District National Park. Now he makes these available to you. With a beautiful landscape photograph on the wall you can escape to the countryside at any time of the day. Have prints on the wall of your home or office, reception, ward or wherever you want to brighten the room, or give a print as a gift.

The We Love England series of landscape photography and also, town and cityscapes is a project that Phil is committed to. This project means that Phil travels the country to photograph its every corner.

Further to offering prints for sale, Phil will help you to capture your own amazing images by taking you, the photography enthusiast on workshops to enable better use of the camera. Phil is passionate about photography and also a great teacher. Get in touch to express your interest.

  • I love this detailed photograph of an autumn woodland - a change from the wide landscapes that I usually shoot.  This image shows bright red rowan berries glowing against a backdrop of silver birch trees in their autumn foliage.  It just demonstrates that there is beauty, colour and contrast in even the smallest views.
  • This photograph was taken on the beautiful Great Ridge on Mam Tor at sunset, just outside the village of Castleton.  It's an amazing spot from which to watch the sun set; the light hits the Hope Valley on one side of the ridge and the Edale Valley on the other.  I love the golden light that hits the stones of the path and the grass growing between.
  • This photograph shows off everything that's brilliant about the Peak District - I love the layer upon layer of misty hills stretching into the distance, the sneak of heather in the foreground, the curve of the road and, best of all, the cyclists getting out there in the Hope Valley fresh air.  This area is very popular with outdoors enthusiasts of all types - not just cyclists, but runners, hikers and climbers.  I love being able to capture people enjoying the very best that the landscape has to offer.  This shot was taken just outside the pretty Peak District village of Hathersage.
  • This shot has a warm, lazy feel of long summer days about it.  The bright sunlight is filtering through the leaves, lighting up the ferns in the foreground and the moss on the dry stone wall.  The curious horse is just peeping into the shot.  This photograph was taken in the pretty Peak District village of Grindleford.
  • This shot of Higger Tor climbers is a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time.  I captured this image just as both crucial elements came together: the sun burst through the clouds and lit up the countryside, and the climbers reached the top of the rock face.  I love the way the figures give a sense of perspective to the scene.  This photograph shows Higger Tor and a view down into the Hope Valley, to the pretty Peak District village of Hathersage and beyond.
  • I was lucky enough to be able to capture this aerial photograph of Derwent Reservoir from a helicopter.  This is a great perspective from which to see the famous dam, best known for being the location of the practice flights for the Dambusters Raids in World War 2.  It also gives a unique view of the shape and curve of the reservoir, that isn't possible to appreciate from the ground.  Derwent Reservoir, together with the linked Ladybower and Howden Reservoirs, lies in the Upper Derwent Valley in the Peak District.  It is a perfect spot for hikers, runners and cyclists, as well as photographers.
  • Autumn is probably my favourite season, and this autumnal image of Beresford Dale is one of my favourite ever shots.  The colours of the leaves are so vivid, and contrast beautifully with the milky smoothness of the river.  Beresford Dale is close to the pretty Peak District village of Hartington, and autumn makes for a perfect time to see the River Dove here as it winds its way through the woodland.
  • Autumn is probably my favourite season, and this autumnal image of Beresford Dale is one of my favourite ever shots.  The colours of the leaves are so vivid, and contrast beautifully with the milky smoothness of the river.  Beresford Dale is close to the pretty Peak District village of Hartington, and autumn makes for a perfect time to see the River Dove here as it winds its way through the woodland.
  • I captured this sunset shot of the winding road into the Edale Valley one late summer evening.  It was taken from the side slopes of Mam Tor, which is a popular Peak District location and a great spot from which to look down into the spectacular Edale Valley and this very photogenic winding road.  In this image the sun is setting over Brown Knoll, and I love how the low light picks out the foreground grasses and rocks, and highlights the soft slopes of the hills.
  • In summer the moorland of the Peak District is made even more beautiful by the appearance of fluffy heads of cottongrass, growing amongst the grasses, heather and bilberries.  This shot was captured on the Derbyshire/Cheshire border on the Cat & Fiddle road out of Buxton.  I love the way the setting sun on the horizon highlights the moorland cottongrass, which contrasts beautifully against the vivid colours in the sky.
  • This photograph of a beautiful sunset from Millstone Edge, just above Hathersage, was captured on a moody summer evening.  I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time, when the sun beams shone down through the clouds across the Hope Valley and lit up the villages of Hope and Castleton.  There are so many elements of classic Peak District scenery in this image: rocks, heather, brooding skies, gentle hills and ancient field patterns.
  • This photograph shows a beautifully mellow winter sunrise from Mam Tor, which is situated at the end of the Hope Valley and just above the pretty Peak District town of Castleton.  Mam Tor is a fabulous place from which to capture views of the Hope Valley to one side and the Edale Valley to the other.  I was rewarded for the climb up the hill with this sunrise shot.  I particularly love the combination of the warm pink and orange sky contrasting with the frost-covered fields and villages below.
  • Padley Gorge, near to the village of Grindleford in the Hope Valley, is undoubtedly one of the best locations in the Peak District to see stunning autumnal colours.  In this photograph the little stream of Burbage Brook rushes over moss-covered rocks through spectacular woodland.  The image features warm, mellow tones from the foliage still clinging to the trees and the fallen leaves on the ground.
  • This atmospheric Peak District image was taken from Mam Tor at sunrise, and shows the Hope Valley full of morning shadows.  I love the slanting sunbeams that hit the mist on the valley floor, and the long shadows cast by the trees.  The layers of light and shade build throughout the picture, with the distinctive shape of Win Hill pike a dark silhouette that dominates the scene.
  • This vibrant photograph depicts a spectacular Point of Ayre sunset, captured from the most northerly point in the Isle of Man.  The stunning skies in this image are complemented by the beautiful mix of bright purple heather and yellow gorse in the foreground.  I love the little cottage positioned right on the water’s edge, from which the coast of Scotland can be seen on a clear day.
  • This shot was captured from Longstone Edge in the Peak District, looking over towards Monsal Head.  Although I was standing in the sunshine, an approaching storm was visible on the horizon and falling rain could be clearly seen over the hills ahead.  I love the changeable weather of the Peak District and the dramatic skies it often creates.
  • I took this shot of a sunset ride on a beautiful summer evening on Bretton Clough in the Peak District.  The low sunlight was casting across the fields and dry stone walls, and highlighting the two cyclists on this winding country lane.  I love the golden light and rich colours in this image, which was taken close to The Barrel Inn, the highest pub in Derbyshire.  From here you get the most amazing views over the White Peak area of Derbyshire.