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Kase Wolverine Filter Kits

Kase Wolverine Filter Kits for landscape photography are a must have for landscape photographers that want to get great results. The Wolverine series is designed for the discerning photographer that wants glass filters with a very low colour cast. Kase Filters come with the added benefits, they are proved scratch resistant and also, in drop tests they prove that Wolverine filters are almost unbreakable.

The moto I put to you is to put quality glass in front of your quality glass. By this, I mean that putting Kase Wolverine Filters in front of your lens that you may have invested £1000+ ensures that you have quality glass all the way through from filter to sensor. The result is photographs that you can be extremely proud of.

I realise that Kase Filters are an investment, so I am happy to run Kase Filter workshops if you want to test drive the filters with your own camera.